Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola

Petits déjeuners Publié le 22/03/2017

Discover this simple recipe to prepare your own Granola for savory & healthy breakfasts

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  • Dry ingredients
  • 450g oatmeal
  • 150g almonds
  • 90g sunflower seeds
  • 90g pumpkin seeds
  • 90g lin seeds
  • 90g hazelnuts
  • A hand of pecans
  • Dried fruits, chocolate or cocoa according to your tastes
  • Liquid ingredients
  • 180ml apple sauce
  • 60ml acacia honey
  • 80ml maple syrup
  • 160g rapadura sugar


  • Preparation time : 10 minutes
  • Cooking time : 50 minutes


  1. Preheat your oven at 165°.
  2. Pour in a large bowl the dry ingredients and in another the liquid ingredients. Mix the liquid ingredients and pour the mixture over the dry ingredients, mix well again so that everything is covered with juice.
  3. Divide the mixture over two oven plates covered with baking paper and spread out well. Bake about 40 minutes, until well colored. Halfway through cooking, invert the plates and stir a little with the fork for even cooking.
  4. Remove the granola from the oven and let it cooling. Once hardened, roughly break it and add dried fruits or chocolate according to your taste. And enjoy it for several weeks !
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