Sugary Snacks


  • Balls

    Are you greedy? Kazidomi offers you energy balls, for young and old alike. They are ideal snacks, healthy and to be consumed as soon as you feel a slight decrease in diet or if you want something sweet. But first of all: What exactly is an energy ball? It is a concentration of proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fibre and good fatty acids that will provide you with maximum energy in a minimum of volume. Also known as health balls, they are perfect snacks to replace purchased cereal bars, protein bars and granola, which generally contain a lot of sugars and additives. To make it simple, eat only one ball and you will not be hungry anymore, no need for a double!

  • Bars

    Want to refuel after sports? Kazidomi offers you different cereal bars to recharge your batteries! There are three types of energy bars: those that are eaten before exercise, those that are eaten during exercise and those that are eaten after exercise. They certainly do not have great health benefits, but they remain a very good way to get back into shape quickly.

  • Biscuits & Cakes
    A little snack? Discover a wide range of biscuits and cakes offered by Kazidomi. You will find here all the products for a balanced, gourmet and healthy breakfast but also for snacks.
  • Chocolate

    Are you greedy and love chocolate? So do we! Kazidomi offers you a wide choice of chocolate for your little ones or simply for a moment of gourmet pleasure. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is very good for your health as it is antioxidant, full of vitamins but also very good for vascular and mental health. A yummy pleasure for you and your health. Discover all our products: from organic hazelnut spread to organic raw dark cocoa bar, you will find what you are looking for.

  • Compote

    The apple of our eye ! We managed to find you some compotes worthy of the name! Did you know that apples are one of the healthiest apples available and it is therefore good to eat them in any way you can? In particular, there is one recipe that we have all known since childhood: compote. This typical children's dish retains all the properties and nutrients of apples. In addition, it provides us with antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins. In addition, the fructose present in apples increases the elimination of toxins. The compote is ideal for young and old but also really delicious and good for your health.

  • Desserts
    Ah, dessert! The best part of the meal. You spend your last moments at the table enjoying a delicious little treat to finish off dinner. At Kazidomi, we don't want to deprive you but rather spoil you, but we do pay attention to your health and the nutrients in our products. That's why we have carefully selected desserts for all tastes and desires.

For neverending energy during the day, before and after your sport break, or just whenever you feel like, Kazidomi has selected a number of delicious sweet products that will satisfy your cravings. Find here a number of chocolates, energy bars & balls, compotes, dessert yoghurt, cakes and other sweets and biscuits for both children and adults. Our plant-based milk alternatives will be perfect with those little sweets.

Here you can find products of the following brands: Apidis, Ballot-Flurin, Bamboo, Basta Sia Buono, BIOSOLEIL, Blooom, Bouga Cacao, Bovetti Chocolatier, BREAK & BIO, Cinq Sans, CLEARSPRING, Danival, DAO, Eco Natur, Erbology, Funky veggie, Generous, Go Nuts, Ibo, IChoc, Innerme, Jean hervé, Kaoka, Kazidomi, Kookie Cat, La fabrique des mamans, LIFEFOOD, Lima, Little Miracles, Lovechock, Mamie Bio, Natali, NEAT, Newtree, Océrès, One Ball Food, Paleo Crunch, Quinette, Rapunzel, Rhythm, Rude Health, Terra Etica, Trôbon, VAJRA, VEGO, Vivani

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Gluten free, High in Fibers, Lactose free, Low in Saturated Fats, Low in Sugar, Low salt, Organic, Protein, Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian

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