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Delivery throughout Europe (or almost)

Delivery throughout Europe (or almost)

Because eating healthier should not stop at borders, we deliver to the 4 corners of Europe, whether you are in Germany, Greece, or Ireland, and all within 48 hours!

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Ecology at the heart of each package

  •  100% recyclable packaging

    100% recyclable packaging

    No plastic, cardboard protection, protective corn chips, adhesive tape made from potato peels… We grow organic right down to our packaging.

  • A contribution to carbon neutrality

    A contribution to carbon neutrality

    We are implementing many actions to reduce our footprint: choice of brands, packaging, our delivery partners, etc.

  •  Consolidated deliveries for CO2 reduction

    Consolidated deliveries for CO2 reduction

    Did you know that in terms of carbon footprint, the impact is lower in e-commerce than in a physical store, whether organic or not?

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    On an order placed

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    On order tracking

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    About our logistics

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