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Essential Oil Ravintsara Organic
Essential Oil Ravintsara Organic
Essential Oil Ravintsara Organic
Essential Oil Ravintsara Organic
Essential Oil Ravintsara Organic
Essential Oil Ravintsara Organic
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Essential Oil Ravintsara Organic

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About this product

  • Antiviral
  • Immunity
  • Physical and nervous booster

Ravintsara helps reduced immunity and is a strong anti-viral. To be used in case of flu, bronchitis, rash, herpes, Pfeiffer disease...respiratory problems, aromatherapy but especially to massage. Ravintsara also supports the mind : helps against insomnia, depression and anxiety. 

*The above description is only informative : it is a summary of characteristics described in well known works on aromatherapy and according to tradition. There is no medical information or a list of complaints and applications.   This essential oil has a psycho-emotional effect and has a green, warm and strong aroma. Eucolyptol combines well with bay laurel. This is an essential oil that gives self-confidence and above all confidence in one's own strength and resilience.  


Botanical name: Cinnamomum Camphora CT 1,8- Cinéole

Distilled parts: Leaves

chémotype: 1.8- Cinéole

from the ' Controlled organic farming: Certisys-be1 control

*Allergens in bold.

Origin & certification



It is possible to use this essential oil in local application or by oral way at the rate of one drop per day. It can be consumed on a sugar or a teaspoon of honey or food vegetable oil.

This essential oil can also be used in diffusion, in a bath or in skin cosmetic use, such as:

In broadcast:
to purify the air of your interior in case of winter viruses (flu, cold ... etc.) in order to avoid spread and contagion: Mix a mixture Composed of 2 ml of Tea Tree essential oil, 2 ml of Ravintsara essential oil, 2 ml of radiated eucalyptus essential oil and 1 ml of sylvestre pine essential oil. Diffuse 4 to 6 drops of this mixture 3 times a day in your living rooms.

in bath:
Mix in 10 ml of sweet almond vegetable oil: 5 drops of oil oil Essential of ravintsara, 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil radiated and 5 drops of oil essential oil. Add the mixture thus obtained to a handful of Epsom salt. Pour Epsom salt soaked in synergy under the hot water jet just before entering the bath. This synergy can be added to the bath 2 times a week if necessary.

Dry cough:
In the event of the start of dry cough, prepare a massage oil based on 10 ml of oil of oil wheat germ, 5 drops of ravintsara essential oil, 5 drops of cypress essential oil and 5 drops of niaouli essential oil. Massage the upper body with this mixture twice a day for 3-4 days.

Prepare in a 10 ml bottle a mixture of 5 ml of calendula , 10 drops of Niaouli essential oil, 2 ml of Ravintsara essential oil, 1 ml of true lavender essential oil and 1 ml of Tea Tree essential oil. Apply on the fever button, 1 drop of this mixture every 2 hours from the first tingling.

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