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Black Soybean Tagliatelle Organic 200 g


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Organic black soybean flour,water

Origin: Made in China

Agriculture: Non-EU


To store in a cool and dry place

Nutritional Values

 Value for 100g/100mL
Energy (kcal)331
Protein (g)43
Carbohydrates (g)17.5
of which sugars (g)9.8
Fats (g)5
of which saturated (g)1
Fiber (g)21
Salt (g)0.01

Why you'll love it

Fibritti is offering you these delicious gluten free and organic tagliatelle made with white soybeans . Low fat and rich in protein and Vitamin A and E they will help you reduce cholesterol levels thanks to their high fiber content. No preservatives or additives

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