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Percarbonate Of Soda
Percarbonate Of Soda
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Percarbonate Of Soda

1000 g
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About this product

  • Bleach
  • Stain remover
  • Non-toxic

Solid oxygenated water, or sodium perborate with formula 2NA2CO3. 3H202 is made with sobium carbonate (sodium crystals) to which hydrogenated peroxide has been added (oxidised water). These products are composed of a number of basic elements such as (salt, water and chalk). Dissolved in water, it dissolves in : -sodium carbonate or sodium crystals, a surfactant. -Hydrogen peroxide, a scamper based on oxygen. This product does not contain chlorine, phosphates, harmful substances for our rivers or are not bioaccumulable. Excellent scammer used in many detergents, parcarbonate adds oxygen and works perfectly to remove stains such as tea, coffee, red wine, grass, fruit stains, perspiration or blood...Percarbonate is ideal as a natural bleaching agent for your laundry as it prevents your laundry from turning grey due to limescale. 


The soda percabornate comes directly from common raw materials: salt, water, chalk.

Low powder grain size, crystalline and white soluble in water.

pH of 10.5 (basic) and is classified GHS03, GHS05, GHS07.

strong oxidizing power.

Origin & certification

Made in Western Europe.


Obligatory information : Dangerous - Respect the instructions. Recipe : Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of percarbonate to the drum of your washing machine to bleach your laundry or to remove stains. Rotate a washing at 40°C or preferably at 60°C. In case of very dirty laundry, soak your laundry in hot water with 2 tablespoons of percarbonate before putting your laundry in the machine.


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Percarbonate Of Soda

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