• Candles & Home Fragrance

    At Kazidomi, our objective is to promote healthy products. But eating healthy is good (very good) but being calm and peaceful is even better! After a long and stressful day, what could be better than to delicately scent your home to give you a feeling of well-being. Smells can also remind you and prolong a pleasant olfactory memory.

  • Books
    Kazidomi has found for you super healthy and gourmet books to make original and healthy recipes to impress your family and friends or simply to prepare good meals for you, at the office or at home or for a good nutritious breakfast!
  • Bottles & Containers

    To go for a walk, to the office or to the beach, nothing better than taking water and food with you. But don't take plastic packaging that may fly away or that you may forget behind you. It is better to choose to fill your own bottle and take Lunch Box filled with your delicious preparations. Be green for the planet !

  • DIY

    Cosmetics or cleaning products, who knows what's really in them? At Kazidomi we like to check the compositions of the products to offer you quality products. However, some prefer to make their own products and we understand perfectly! In this category you will find the essentials to make your own floor product or day cream.

  • Cleaning products

    Take care of your home with our range of natural, environmentally friendly products or make your own products using Kazidomi's household product bases. Dishwashing liquid, sanitizing and anti-odour sprays, stain removers and others, you will find everything you need to have a green and respectful home.

  • Kitchen Appliances

    To eat delicious and healthy meals, you need to prepare them (or find a good restaurant...). What better way to cook than with quality equipment that respects the environment? At Kazidomi, we offer you practical and ecological utensils as well as kitchen robots to make your life easier.

  • Garden
    Growing a vegetable garden has many advantages. Beyond producing good, healthy fruits and vegetables without chemicals, there are also many personal benefits because, not only is it a physical activity that allows you to move and get some fresh air, but it is also relaxing ! In this product category, you will discover a range of products to start your vegetable garden!
  • Sport

    Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop! A healthy body is not something that can be done in two days and no matter how much vegetables you eat, your body needs sport ! Find here some material to realize effective sports sessions.

  • Textiles
    Do you want to use and wear textiles that respect the environment and your skin? Discover on Kazidomi underwear, cleaning wipes, bath towels, etc. natural, made of organic cotton, all soft for your skin and that of your family!
  • Accessories

    Kazidomi offers you ecological and practical solutions for a more eco-responsible daily life; practical and stylish bento or meal boxes, bamboo cups to easily carry your favourite hot drink, activated carbon to purify tap water, thermos, etc.

  • Toilet paper

    Kazidomi accompanies you to the toilets with a selection of natural and environmentally friendly products.
    Hypoallergenic, very soft and environmentally friendly, Cheeky Panda toilet paper will accompany you in your ecological transition.

    Free of fertilizers, pesticides, perfumes, deinking agents and B.P.A.

Don't they say "A healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy house"? No?! Well.... At least at Kazidomi we say it and we think it! What could be better than living in a clean and healthy home with cleaning products that respect the environment and your health? The products we use to clean our homes can be harmful so it is better to choose natural cleaning products that are free of aggressive agents for our health. Kazidomi has selected them for you! In this section you will also find all the zero-waste accessories, books, textiles,... that you may need.

Here you can find products of the following brands: Ah ! Table !, Alterosac, Anae, Arcyvert, Aromandise, Attitude, Bambaw, Baya, Bee's Wrap, Bioflore, Black&Blum, BULLE VERTE, Chufamix, COSCOON, Drink Big, Ecodis, FAZUP, Food Huggers, Frosch, Grazie Natural, H.Koenig, HABEEBEE, Innobiz, Jacob Hooy, JOIK, Kazidomi, Koshi, La Belle Potagère, La droguerie écologique, Les senteurs de Lisa, Les Tendances d'Emma, Les Verts Moutons, MAKESENZ, Martine Fallon, MiteLess, Monbento, Oopla, Pandoo, Pilbox, Provilan, Radia Combet, RADIS ET CAPUCINE, Rampal Latour, SCHEUER & LE SCAO, Seventh Generation, Tammi, Teatonic, The Cheeky Panda, We Love the Planet

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Gluten free, Lactose free, Low salt, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

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