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Ecological green scraping sponges 2 pieces
Ecological green scraping sponges 2 pieces
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Ecological green scraping sponges 2 pieces

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About this product

  • Scrapers made of recycled plastic bottles
  • All surfaces 

These multipurpose scouring sponges are eco-designed.

Their scrapers are made from recycled plastic bottlesn nut shell and hazelnut powder in a European plant under the environmental standard ISO 14001. The sponge part is derived from more than 90% vegetable cellulose.

Available in pack of 2.


green scrapers: made 100% made from recycled plastic bottles.

Sponge: Vegetable cellulose

recycled cardboard packaging

Printing with vegetable inks in a printing printer print’vert.

*Allergens in bold.

Origin & certification

Manufacturing in a factory in Western Europe, holding the ISO 14001 environmental standard


Know that, poorly used, sponges can quickly become bacteria nests.

To avoid this, separate the sponges according to their use, depending on their use, clean them once or twice a week, and let them dry between each use.

First of all: in the kitchen, use a different sponge for surfaces and dishes. Also use different sponges for the rest of your home (floor, bathroom, WC). Ecological and economical tip: Cut the corners of your sponges to differentiate their use and leave them in suitable places. Your 4 -corners sponge is for dishes and close to the sink. Then, once used, cut a corner and leave it in the kitchen: it is your surface sponge. Then cut the second corner and put it in the bathroom, and so on.

You can clean your sponges in several ways. The dish sponge can regularly be washed in the dishwasher, in a cycle at more than 50 ° C. You can also soak your sponges overnight in lukewarm water with baking soda, juice lemon or white vinegar.

After each use, wring your sponge well and let it dry in a dry and bright place.


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Ecological green scraping sponges 2 pieces

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