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Household Vinegar 14°c 5L
Household Vinegar 14°c 5L
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Household Vinegar 14°c 5L

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Even more powerful than classic white vinegar, 14°C household vinegar is an indispensable natural product since it is multi-purpose and multi-surface. Take advantage here of a 5L format at a great price. Used pure or diluted, it acts as an extremely powerful and effective anti-limescale. Ideal to shine the taps, the shower and the toilets. It is also a formidable degreaser for removing sticky residues and traces of grease in the oven and on the hood, but also on burnt pots and pans. Combined with bicarbonate of soda, this duo of shock allows a bluffing deep cleaning. Finally, it works wonders to descale kettles and coffee machines, as a softener in your washing machine, as a rinsing liquid or to make your floor shine. A real nugget, ecological and economical, to quickly integrate into your household products.


Organic vinegar, Ecocert certified

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Can be used pure or diluted. Can be combined with other natural products (baking soda, ) to make homemade and environmentally friendly household products. Make the floor shine: Pour 100 ml of white vinegar in 5 liters of water. Mop the floor and there's no need to rinse. The result? It's all clean and shiny. As a fabric softener: Simply pour 3 tablespoons of 14° white vinegar into the fabric softener pan. Descaling the kettle: Fill half vinegar, half water. Boil for a few minutes and then rinse with clean water. For the coffee maker, follow the instructions in your manual or fill the tank with half vinegar, half water. Run the mixture through. Then rinse with clean water. Repeat step 2 times. Degrease Moisten a sponge with pure white vinegar. Pour baking soda on the damp sponge. Go over the surfaces to be cleaned and then go over the area again with a clean sponge. Finish with a wipe down, and admire the cleanliness!


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Household Vinegar 14°c 5L

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