• Alcohol

    Beer, wine, cider! At Kazidomi, you can also enjoy yourself with alcoholic drinks (always in moderation of course!). We made sure to select alternatives that are more artisanal, natural and healthy than the alcohol products traditionnaly available on the market. It's time to stock up for your next party or family reunion!

  • Coffee

    Fond of coffee for breakfast or after a good meal ? You will find on Kazidomi ground coffee beans, fairtrade, or in capsule depending on your machine (and even biodegradable capsules).

  • Flavored Water

    You want to limit the calories in your drinks, respect the 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day guidelines, while enjoying delicious beverages? Our selection of flavoured drinks is made for you! Come and discover it quickly!

  • Health Drinks

    At Kazidomi, we know everything about health and being healthy! Here you will find our entire selection of healthy juices and shots: aloe vera, rose water, sea buckthorn, aronia, birch sap or maple water. There is quite litteraly something for everyone.

  • Juices
    Fill up on vitamins and antioxidants with our selection of fruit AND vegetable juices! The orchard and vegetable garden have been bottled!
  • Kombucha

    Kombucha is a fermented tea, an ancient potion, used for thousands of years. Most often, attributed to Kombucha benefits include improved digestion, increased energy and a clear mind. While you are enjoying the unique and playful taste of Kombucha, it will give your body its beneficial ingredients. Kombucha is a living beverage and as such, you should treat it carefully - store it in a dark and cool place, and in return, it offers us its numerous healing benefits.

  • Plant-Based Drinks

    Are you craving a milky but lactose free drink, full of good plant-based proteins? Kazidomi has prepared for you a large set of plant-based alternatives to regular milk. From soy, to buckwheat, millet, coconut, rice, hazelnut, vanilla or chocolate, in a little or a 1L format, you will find exactly what you need. Our suggestion? Add it to our savory breakfast cereals !

  • Sparkling Beverages

    Healthy beverages with bubbles? It is indeed possible: discover here our selection of sparkling beverages !

  • Syrups & Concentrates
    Thanks to our selection of plant syrups and concentrates, you will boost the taste and nutritional qualities of your drinks. Try our delicious ginger concentrate, a real treat!
  • Tea & Infusion

    Find on Kazidomi a vast number of tea, infusion to get energy, purify yourself or to relax after a good dinner. From light infusion to intense green tea you will be able to vary all the flavours ! To savour with your beloved sweets snacks.

Kazidomi has chosen natural, healthy and predominantly organic drinks to bring a touch of freshness to your day! Plant-based drinks, teas, coffees and other caffeine-free alternatives, ginger concentrate, kombucha or vegetable juices, you will find here a very wide selection of delicious beverages to enjoy at any time of the day, with our delicious sweet and salty snacks!

Here you can find products of the following brands: A. Vogel, Ah ! Table !, Aristée, Aromandise, Avec Plaisir !, Bee Honey, BIO IDEA (LA), Bioco, Bionina, Bonneterre, Brasserie Caracole, Brasserie Lion, Café Liégeois, Café Michel, Captain Kombucha, Cawston, CLEARSPRING, D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS, D-Tox, Drinkdrink!, Erbology, Evernat, Ferm Drinks, Firefly, Gimber, Granartum, Guayapi, HERBIER DE FRANCE, Hollinger, Houblonde, Lebensbaum, Les Fées BIO, Level Organic, Lima, Little Miracles, Lo Bros, Mate Mate, Matilde, Mindfuel, Natali, NAVALATTE, Nix & Kix, Obrigado, Oé, Organic Crunch, Piramide, Provamel, Pukka, Pur'Aloe, Purasana, Rebel Kitchen, RICE & RICE, Rude Health, Simon lévelt, Simone a soif, Tao, Teatonic, Terra Etica, Vita coco, Vitamont, Vivo Life, Walden, Whole Earth, Wignac, YOGI TEA, Your Organic Nature, Yves Ruffin

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Cruelty-Free, Fair Trade, Gluten free, High in Fibers, Lactose free, Low in Saturated Fats, Low in Sugar, Low salt, Organic, Protein, Vegan, Vegetarian

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