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Seitan wheat proteins (organic) 500g
Seitan wheat proteins (organic) 500g
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Seitan wheat proteins (organic) 500g

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This preparation based on wheat protein (gluten) comes from the Far East. The seitan is rich in vegetable protein of top quality (essential amino acids), and contains no cholesterol and very little fat. Of all the nutrients that vegetable proteins supply, the structure of seitan resembles meat the most. Seitan is an ideal replacement for meat in the pan or mince dishes. It can also be cut into slices or cubes and be stewed, baked, …


water, GLUTEN*, WHEAT FLOUR*, Shoyu* (water, SOYA*, WHEAT*, sea salt, A. Oryzae), sea salt, onion*, garlic*, pepper*. Liquid: water, Shoyu*. *organically grown

*Allergens in bold.


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Lima was founded in 1957 with the ambition to create a brand for natural, healthy, plant-based food products. Lima's philosophy is inspired by the principles of balance and harmony found in nature and Asian culture. Based on these convictions, Lima offers nutritious and balanced products, rich in healthy nutrients, certified organic, 100% plant-based with whole foods and avoiding the use of sugar.


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Seitan wheat proteins (organic) 500g

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