Yarrah: organic food for your dogs and cats


Yarrah: organic food for your dogs and cats

Tips on how to switch your pet to organic

Switching a dog or cat’s diet from food that contains chemical flavour additives to one that contains no chemicals, colours or artificial flavours can be a slight challenge. We are here to help! 

How can I make the switch as smooth as possible?

During a 7-day period, mix the current food with Yarrah organic food, in which you slowly reduce the current food of your pet, and increase the amount of Yarrah organic food.

4 tips for a smooth transition

  1.      Avoid stress; a stressed pet will not try something new.
  2.      Divide the mixed dry food over two meals during the day. Per meal, mix half of an alu cup of wet food to the dry food.
  3.      During the day, use some Yarrah kibble as a treat for your dog or cat.
  4.      Always have fresh drinking water available; water washes away toxins. 

87% of the pet owners see positive results after switching to organic food. More energetic, less (or no) itching, shiny fur and better bowel movements are common reactions after switching to Yarrah’s organic food.

 Pure food

At Yarrah, we have been working passionately for over 25 years to develop and produce food of the best quality for your dog and cat, without putting an unnecessary strain on nature. That’s why organic is our natural choice. We are committed to doing the right thing, without any short cuts, even though that’s often the road less travelled. To make a positive impact, for your pet, for you, and for our planet.

Do you want to know more? Visit www.yarrah.com.

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