What are the benefits of eating organic?

How organic products can be better for the health ?


What are the benefits of eating organic?

What are the benefits of eating organic?

Organic is more and more common and the numbers relating to the consumption of organic products continue to rise each year in France and Belgium but also the rest of Europe. But why is it so popular and are there any benefits to eating organic products?

Key principles of eating organic

Since December 1999, the European Union has implemented an official logo to identify organic farming products. The logo is affixed on products containing at least 95% of organic ingredients. This label requires to observe a specific ecological production method and is controlled by independent bodies.

To obtain this organic farming label, the products need to originate 100% from organic farming, and in the case of processed products, at least 95% of the ingredients need to be organic.

Organic farming does not use any artificial fertilizer and any chemical pesticide. No genetically modified organism can be used. Chemical fertilizer as well as synthetic pesticides are also banned. Only approved additives can be used.

Finally, the label also takes into account animal well-being and general environment principles.

The nutritional value of organic products

Organic products don’t cheat. Vegetables, fruits or starchy foods follow their natural growth cycle. From a health perspective, it does not come as a surprise, people who consume organic products are less exposed to pesticides. Pesticide exposure is a major health issue and is harmful to your health.   

According to a recent study, eating organic helps preserve our neurological system. There is also a 31% decrease in obesity in organic products consumers. However, this result is linked to the fact that these people generally have healthier eating habits. They eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and less meat. Indeed, if you only eat organic sugar-based products such as chocolate, you will not be healthy. To be healthy, one needs to eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables and engage in regular physical activity.

Finally, it has been proven that eating organic reduces the risk for antibiotic resistance in humans as well as the risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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