Top 10 vegan food you need !

Here are some good plants sources of protein that vegans love to eat.

Top 10 vegan food you need !

Top 10 vegan food you need !


Vegan diet is never complete without consuming foods with protein. Some good plant sources of protein include: tempeh and tofu, soy beverages, beans, lentils, peas, nuts, seeds and whole grains.  Here is a list of 10 top Vegan food which are eaten to replace meat and animal products. 

  1.     Tofu

This soy-based protein can serve as breakfast or dessert. It is unbelievably easy to make a Vegan recipe and salad using clear spring organic tofu.

  1.     Seitan

Seitan also called gluten is a popular meat substitute that surprisingly looks and have the texture of meat. With Danival-seitan you could enjoy eating your own Vegan steak and seitan smokey sausages.

  1.     Pickles

Pickles are gluten free small cucumbers preserved in vinegar and they are just plain good. They are the best Vegan summer snack that are essential in your diet for good health.

  1.     Apple

With funky veggie Apple you can make healthy and delicious cinnamon baked apples.

  1.     Coconut

Coconut can be used to make a lot of spicy and gluten free cakes. For all those who have been skeptical of a dessert for vegan, the coconut ball biscuits is for you.

  1.     Flakes

Due to their rich savory, flakes seeds are often used as vegan substitute to cheese. It can serve as breakfast cereals.

  1.     Granola

GREAT! - Granola Glory Gluten free (organic) vegan recipe is full of good ingredients like pecans, oats and almonds that will help satisfy your sweet tooth.

  1.     Beans

If you are looking for a meal that is easy to prepare and once eaten leaves you satisfies then the Kazidomi organic red beans is for you.

  1.     Peas

Your chick pea is ready in 15 minutes and is really easy to use in making amazing vegan recipes.

      10. Lentils

 The yellow lentils are very good for you and are a great source of protein for vegans.


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