Do you want to do an internship at a fast-growing start up? Over here!


Do you want to do an internship at a fast-growing start up? Over here!

You are looking for an internship at a young and dynamic company? You’re in the right place!

Regardless of where you are in your studies, an internship is the chance to apply your theoretical knowledge and learn a lot more than you would at school.

Why an internship?

Before joining the corporate world, a recruiter will always ask about your professional experiences. Making sure you have numerous experiences is great because it adds value to your resume and puts forth your motivation and initiative. An internship will also present you with opportunities to meet people and to interact with people with more experience. It is also the time for you to ask questions and learn, learn and learn!

What are the advantages of a startup?

Startups present the advantage of having little hierarchy, it is more casual. If you want to express your point of view, it is the best place to do so and it is even encouraged. We love the craziest ideas and being challenged. Working in a startup is a challenge for you but you will also be the challenger.

Additionally, the work environment is enjoyable, young and dynamic. Finally, you will have more responsibility than in a bigger company where everything is already defined.

What type of candidates are we looking for?

At Kazidomi, we are open to various types of candidates. There is a wide variety of functions and enough to satisfy everybody (or almost everybody).

We can mentor you in marketing, design, photography, logistics, IT, customer service, business...There is also an option to join our product team. Finally, if you think one of your skills does not find a match in the offers above, feel free to email us with your proposal. Either way, you can send an email to charlotte to the following address with your internship application.

See you soon, maybe!

The Kazidomi Team

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