Organic and affordable, it’s possible!


Organic and affordable, it’s possible!

Eating healthy and organic, a new revolution?

Nowadays, a balanced diet is people’s priority. If it is mainly the case for the elderly, a lot of younger people are now focusing on a healthy diet, diverse and organic.

Why are they choosing organic?

The environment, health, quality and taste are all part of why the consumers are choosing to eat organic products. Their trust in organic products is increasing and they consider it’s important to develop organic farming, which can be explained by the major environmental awareness.

Is it easy today for the average consumer to find the organic product they’re looking for?

Yes and no. Nowadays, considering the important constraints, the consumer needs to strongly believe and want to eat organic in order to sustain it. The price of organic products, for example, is 20% to 30% higher than their conventional counterpart. As a result, some consumers could be tempted to divert from eating organic because they cannot afford the products. The consumer needs to have a large budget.

Furthermore, while healthy and organic products can be found in most supermarkets, some products are still very rare. The consumers will not necessarily find what they’re looking for. They will have to go to specialty stores, to which they are not used yet, or directly go to craftsmen or local merchants (which are usually further away).

That’s why we decided to create Kazidomi! It is to give the consumer, to give you, access to our healthy and organic products. On top of an easy to navigate website, we offer products that are not only affordable but healthy in their nutritional values and benefits.

What will I get out of Kazidomi’s subscription?

If you are not familiar with Kazidomi’s subscription, you will definitely be surprised! This subscription will please the most regular and avid consumers. Why choose Kazidomi’s susbscrption? Why did we create it?

We decided to create a subscription to benefit our consumers. This subscription is the chance for you to buy healthy and organic products at affordable prices from our website Kazidomi. Indeed, it will allow you to benefit from -20% to -50% discounts on all our products, all year long! These discounts allow to decrease prices and to bridge the price gap with conventional products.

Kazidomi currently has about 3000 references on the website, and it is growing every day, every week and every month. Kazidomi is ever growing, and that’s all thanks to you !

If you’re still on the fence about getting a subscription or if you have any question, please contact us here.

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