Complete guide to start Yoga


Complete guide to start Yoga

Ashtanga, karma, jnana, bkhati,… It’s not easy to get a grasp of all the Yoga vocabulary as a beginner… In this article we will cover the basis to start your new Yogi lifestyle!

Origins of Yoga

Yoga was created in India, a long time ago, and aims for the overall harmony of the Being. The term “yoga” refers to the idea of a link between two interdependent parties, one of which would be immediately comprehensible, the other one remaining hard to decipher.

Different types of Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga : The most known and practiced Yoga in Europe. It consists of flowing through and maintaining a series of postures for a couple minutes, while working on focus and breathing. The poses, held for some time, are a combination of planking and muscle work. 
  • Ashtanga Yoga: a lot more energetic than Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga requires strength and stamina since this method works on synchronicity between the breathing and a flow of progressive poses, respecting the sequence’s rhythm.   

  • Yin Yoga : It is the type of Yoga that holds each pose for the longest time, with long moments of relaxation and focus in between each pose. When practiced regularly, it works on breathing, flexibility and strengthening deep muscles.

How to include Yoga in your daily life ? 

  • Schedule a meeting with yourself: our modern lives are busy and we don’t have a lot of free time. It’s important to make time for your practice.

  • Create a space dedicated for Yoga: set up a calm and cozy corner for your practice. Softened lights, essential oils diffuser, candles, crystals,…

  • Cut out all distractions and unplug yourself: in order to stay focused, put your phone away!

What do I need ?

  • Non slip yoga mat
  • A comfortable and stretchy outfit
  • A blanket (for relaxation and meditation sessions
  • A meditation pillow
  • A Yoga block
  • Yoga straps

How is a session conducted ?

I settle on my mat, cut off any source of distraction.

I take a moment to ground myself and let go of any thoughts and activities related to the day.

I need to synchronize my movements with my breathing and I can start my session.

I need to be aware of my breathing throughout the flow by breathing through the nose.

You’re ready to start! Practicing yoga is becoming your own artist, it’s taking control over your mind’s energy and putting it at the service of your body and life.


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