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Are you a sugar fan? So do we! But at Kazidomi, we take care of your health. Since we know that excessive sugar consumption can be harmful to your health, we offer you certain sugars, called unrefined sugars, which are excellent for your health. You just have to replace it in your preparations and pastries and that's it!

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    Rapadura, also known as panela is a whole can sugar, 100% natural and organic. It hasn’t been refined or transformed. Ideal for patisserie....

    4,06 €
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    This powdered, organic whole cane sugar from Valdiva, will quickly become indispensable in your drinks, at break-fast, with snacks, in...

    7,22 €
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    Biovegan vanilla sugar lactose- and gluten-free organic 5x8g

    3,29 €
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    Coconut sugar is a nutritional alternative to table sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is produced from Indonesian coconut flowers, whose...

    6,49 €
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    Deze poedersuiker van bruine rietsuiker is biologisch, bevat geen toegevoegde stoffen of chemische producten. Het een product van hoge...

    3,31 €
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    -20 %

    This cane sugar molasses, has a high mineral content and a characteristic, slightly salty flavour . Ideal in pancakes and in stews. This...

    3,07 €

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