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Our story

“My father is a nutritionist, and I've always been very mindful of what I eat. I wanted to set the example of a different way of consumption, one that would emphasize prevention, natural medicine, less transformed goods and products that are better for the environment. That's why we started Kazidomi.”

Emna Everard

Kazidomi, Co-Founder

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Our quality standards


Eating organic food is extremely important to anyone willing to eat clean food and avoid toxic ingredients. Non-organic food tend to be full of pesticides, and we do not want that for our customers at Kazidomi, which is why we are promoting organic sourcing wherever it makes sense. Indeed, this doesn't apply to some categories like food supplement, but there, we make sure other strict criteria are always fulfiled.

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No refined sugar
No refined sugar

Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners are one of the key dietary issues in the 21st century. At Kazidomi, we have the ambition to fight it. For this reason, our products don't contain refined sugar and have been selected for their use of minimum added sugar and under their best natural forms, like coconut sugar for instance.

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The brands we work with are selected because their care for the environment. They can do this in multiple ways, from reducing unnecessary packaging to sourcing local ingredients. In any case, this is a cause we care deeply about and pay attention to in order to make sure our suppliers do too. Our logistics is just as green as our products, because we only use recyclable packaging materials and target a zero-waste warehouse going froward.

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Cruelty free
Cruelty free

We love animals, and we want to make sure that we avoid promoting any mistreatment in the products we sell. This means that our cosmetics are not tested on animals, and that we promote animal food substitute to encourage plant-based diets.

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Additives free
Additives free

At Kazidomi, we love short lists of ingredients that are free of any suspicious additives. Indeed, we favour natural products that don't need preservatives and additives. Natural living is the best way to have a healthy body.

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