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Eating organic food is extremely important to anyone willing to eat clean food and avoid toxic ingredients. Non-organic food tend to be full of pesticides, and we do not want that for our customers at Kazidomi, which is why we are promoting organic sourcing wherever it makes sense. Indeed, this doesn't apply to some categories like food supplement, but there, we make sure other strict criteria are always fulfiled.

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No refined sugar
No refined sugar

Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners are one of the key dietary issues in the 21st century. At Kazidomi, we have the ambition to fight it. For this reason, our products don't contain refined sugar and have been selected for their use of minimum added sugar and under their best natural forms, like coconut sugar for instance.

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The brands we work with are selected because their care for the environment. They can do this in multiple ways, from reducing unnecessary packaging to sourcing local ingredients. In any case, this is a cause we care deeply about and pay attention to in order to make sure our suppliers do too. Our logistics is just as green as our products, because we only use recyclable packaging materials and target a zero-waste warehouse going froward.

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Cruelty free
Cruelty free

We love animals, and we want to make sure that we avoid promoting any mistreatment in the products we sell. This means that our cosmetics are not tested on animals, and that we promote animal food substitute to encourage plant-based diets.

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Additives free
Additives free

At Kazidomi, we love short lists of ingredients that are free of any suspicious additives. Indeed, we favour natural products that don't need preservatives and additives. Natural living is the best way to have a healthy body.

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Members have already saved thanks to the
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L'adhésion Kazidomi

12-month membership
Choisissez le mode de paiement :
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L'adhésion dure lasts for 12 months et se renouvelle automatiquement. You can cancel the renewal anytime in your account.


By subscribing to the Kazidomi membership, each member has access to the entire catalog with immediate and permanent discounts of up to 50% compared to the generally observed prices.


Membership allows us to reduce our margins and thus offer healthy products to a maximum number of people at unbeatable prices.


Our members save on average €300 per year and can track the savings on each order. And if these savings don't pay for the membership, Kazidomi commits to refund the price of your membership minus the savings made during the year* after your renewal**.


You can choose to pay the membership :

  • annually at the price of 80€ per year
  • monthly at the price of 10€ per month, i.e. 120€ per year.

If you choose the monthly formula, you are obliged to take out a contract for a minimum of one year.


To become a member, you just have to add the membership to your shopping cart, the discounts will be immediately applicable on your current cart.


* Refunds will be made in the form of a voucher. If you have paid your membership 80€ and saved 60€, you will receive a voucher worth 20€.

** Refunds in vouchers will only be made if you renew your membership. The voucher is therefore only valid if you remain a member with us.

At Kazidomi, we have chosen to be demanding in the selection of our catalogue. We give priority to product quality and respect for producers and the environment.


We work with nutrition experts to be able to offer the best products for your health. In order to guarantee this, we do not accept certain ingredients in products, but only accept those that are the most beneficial for your health. For example, we made the choice not to accept products with palm oil or white sugar that have no health benefits. But don't worry! This does not mean that you have to deprive yourself. Because we also respect your (and our) pleasure in eating yummy foods, we make more qualitative choices. Such as for example selecting foods with whole cane sugar instead of white sugar


The same goes for cosmetics! We work in closely with partners specialised in this field who validate whether or not the composition of the products we take on, does not contain any harmful or nasty ingredients.


And all this, so that you can do your shopping with your eyes closed!


We also find it very important to respect the producers we work with and paying them fairly. Today we are able to offer great discounts on products, but only because we very often work directly with the producers without going through distributors. The latter too often play more than the role of simple intermediaries and monopolize a very important part of the added value (and make the price for you much more expensive!)

And of course, we try to do good for our planet by choosing brands that respect the environment.

We deliver to most European countries. You can find more details about the countries we deliver to and the prices here.


We also deliver to pickup points in France and Belgium. You can consult the list of delivery points on this page.

It is not mandatory to subscribe to a membership to be able to order on Kazidomi.

However, membership allows you to save a lot of money since it gives you access to our entire catalog at special prices of up to 50% off depending on the products.


In addition, if you do not make a profit from your membership, we will reimburse you the price of your membership minus your savings*. So you never lose out!

* The refund of the membership is only made in the form of a voucher.

*To be able to benefit from this refund, you must renew your membership.


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