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Anti-Slip Towel Yaoundé


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• Composition: 100% microfiber towel

• Description: The BAYA towel, thin, light and easy to transport ensures a perfect and dry absorption very quickly.

• Use: Suitable for all types of sports, the BAYA towel will be perfect for your dynamic sessions (absorbs perspiration), after your shower or to have over a studio mat or gym.

• Length: 183 x 61 cm (size of a yoga mat see larger)

• Thickness: 1 mm

• Weight: 0.1 kg • Additional Notes: Microfiber is a material that becomes non-slip in contact with moisture. If you want to use it as a mat, be careful not to slip: the microfiber is soft and sometimes a little slippery (especially if you have dry hands and feet). We advise you to wait a little sweat or spray your towel with a little water at the beginning of the session, so that it has all its anti-slip properties.

• Maintenance: Your towel is machine washable at 30 ° C. Be careful not to mix it with too strong and distant colors like black or red ...

Why you'll love it

Baya's microfiber towels are thin, light and very quick to dry. They are ideal for your sports sessions or for summer outings to the beach or pool.

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