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Barber Box


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100% natural beard oil: Tea tree oil, pure apricot oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, orange essential oil.

The kit contains:

- A 100% natural beard oil that softens the skin and helps hair regrowth and thickening. The beard oil is a fully-fledged organic care product, aimed at softening your beard by nourishing it in depth. Indeed, like hair, beard hairs tend to dry out and, as a result, cause your skin to itch and become dull.

- Use a beard brush to detangle this beautiful mane and pull the hairs in the right direction.
- A beard comb for small cosmetic adjustments and for style (admit that combing your beard with a nice comb is fun).

- And a hot and all-terrain storage pouch since it fits in the bathroom and for travelling!

Why you'll love it

The Charles Germain Cosmetics Barber Box is a beard care kit.      100% natural beard oil      Beard brush      Beard comb The Barber Box is the perfect gift for a bearded friend

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