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Baking Soda 500 ml

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Price per kilo 7,15 €/kg (7,15 €/kg)

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Ecological interest
- Based on mineral raw materials almost inexhaustible.
- Production and packaging in Western Europe.
- Packaging 500g cardboard tube.
- Non-toxic for humans and the environment.
- Low carbon index.

Origin: Produced in France


Keep away from heat and humidity

Why you'll love it

Sodium bicarbonate or soda (Na-HCO3) has multiple ecological qualities and is inexpensive. The variety and richness of its applications are amazing. Baking soda can replace many products that you pay so dear. In addition to the technical uses, it has many other applications as a food additive for cooking, pastries ...

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Coralie B

2 mois avant

Packaging hyper pratique quand on cuisine beaucoup

Maureen C

2 année avant

Ce bicarbonate est très bien, il n'y a rien à dire, mais il est un petit peu cher par rapport à d'autres marques, c'est dommage !

Il n'y a pas encore de messages. Et bien alors, qu'est ce que vous attendez pour inaugurer cette jolie page ?

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