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Herbs green infusion Organic
Herbs green infusion Organic
Herbs green infusion Organic
Herbs green infusion Organic
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Herbs green infusion Organic

35 g
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About this product

  • Matcha Tea, Mint and Ginseng
  • Rich in iron & antioxidants

Discover in this collection matcha green tea clean, matcha green tea supreme, matcha green tea mint, matcha green tea ginseng and matcha green tea berry wonder. At Pukka, our most cherished desire is to create a healthier world and generate well-being through the wonderful power of organic plants. Doing good things helps others happen. That's why we create products that help you, nature and everything in between. It's called win-win business, nurturing positive change in the world for you, for business and for the planet. We are a B Corp company, we donate 1% of our turnover to The Planet, we are Fair For Life and Fair Wild certified (two certifications of fair trade and protection of wild plants). A selection of 20 tea bags of 5 varieties of Pukka green teas. Bring these wonderful plants to life by brewing them for up to fifteen minutes in boiling water (3-5 minutes for the varieties with tea). Boiling just the right amount of water ensures that each Pukka cup is as durable as it can be. 100% of the ingredients in this packet are organically grown and fairly sourced. Pukka is a member of 1% For The Planet, which means that 1% of our turnover is invested in environmental causes every year. All Pukka teas and herbal teas are Fair For Life certified, which guarantees fair and positive relationships for all our stakeholders: between producers and their cooperatives, workers and their employers, etc.


Brewing time: 15 minutes. To store in a cool and dry place


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Pukka 35 g

Herbs green infusion Organic

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