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Disposable Diaper Pads x 10
Disposable Diaper Pads x 10
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Disposable Diaper Pads x 10

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About this product

  • Humidity protection
  • Cots, mattresses, chairs and changing tables
  • Eco-friendly raw materials

The BAMBO Nature Changing Pad is designed to protect beds, mattresses, armchairs and changing tables. So that baby grows up in a healthy environment, with a bedding of night and of change suitably protected. It can be used on outings, walks and trips and even at home to create a clean and comfortable environment on which to change baby. It is designed by selecting raw materials from sustainable sources. It is a disposable product that cannot be washed.


The BAMBO Nature Mattress Protector (Protective bed mats) is placed between the mattress and the sheet. Thanks to small integrated adhesive tapes, it ensures a stable support, avoiding crumpling and moving despite the movements of the child. The envelope in contact with the mattress is waterproof. Its absorbent core encapsulates fluids, allowing for a dry surface very quickly. This product also gives good results to protect the chairs, especially during the meal. It is a disposable product that cannot be washed.

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Disposable Diaper Pads x 10

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