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Camelina Oil
Camelina Oil
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Camelina Oil

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About this product

  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Antioxidant and anti-aging
  • Nourish

Rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E, camelina oil cares for fragile skin, sensitive and prone to redness and is a valuable anti-free radical ally. You can use it in body massage or create a simple and natural care by mixing it with aloe vera gel.

Anaé is a range of products dedicated to the toilet and the hygiene of the whole family, in ecological and economic version. Anaé also offers a line of basic ingredients to make yourself a number of hygiene products. Anaé makes you develop your creative side!

A little more about the product


Camelina oil oxidizes in contact with air and light. It is recommended to consume it within 2 to 6 months after opening the bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. Therefore, choose small opaque bottles. It cannot be heated.

Camelina vegetable oil is known for its regenerative and soothing benefits. It helps mature skin and sensitive or atopic skin. They find firmness, flexibility, and brightness. This oil penetrates quickly and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. It protects the skin's hydrolipidic film while fighting against free radicals, responsible for premature cell aging. It can even be used on children's skin and leaves it soft, soothed, and protected.

Regenerating beauty oil:
In a 100 ml bottle, mix 50 ml of camelina vegetable oil, 25 ml of sweet almond vegetable oil, 25 ml of argan oil, 30 drops of essential oil of petitgrain bigarade and 10 drops of vitamin E. Apply this oil on clean skin in the evening after the bath or the shower.

Massage oil for swollen or heavy legs:
Mix 50 ml of camelina vegetable oil, 50 ml of calophyll vegetable oil, 30 drops of lemon essential oil, and 20 drops of cypress essential oil. Massage your legs and feet with circular movements to drain and soothe swollen legs.

Camelina vegetable oil will work wonders on dry, brittle hair. Nourished and shiny, it will regain all its splendor.

Ultra nourishing hair balm before shampooing:
Melt 30 ml of shea butter and 30 ml of vegetable coconut oil in a water bath. Out of the water bath, add 40 ml of camelina vegetable oil. Mix and add 10 drops of vitamin E. Let it cool for a few minutes in the refrigerator. Apply the balm before your shampoo. Gently massage the hair and scalp. Leave on for a few minutes on the ends if necessary, shampoo as usual, and rinse.

The vegetable oil of camelina softens and soothes the sensitive skin of the face. Regenerating and anti-aging, it also takes care of mature skin. Rich in antioxidants, omega-6 and omega-3, it will also help with healing and cell regeneration.

Make-up remover biphasic for sensitive skins:
In a bottle of 125 ml, mix 30 ml of vegetable oil of camelina, 25 ml of juice of aloe vera, 40 ml of hydrolate of rose, 30 ml of sterilized water, 10 drops of vitamin E, and 30 drops of isocide. Shake the bottle to mix well the 2 phases before use. Apply on your face with a clean and dry wipe.

Refreshing and anti-wrinkle lotion:
In a bottle, mix 50 ml of camelina vegetable oil with 15 drops of Roman chamomile essential oil, 50 ml of cornflower hydrolate, 5 drops of vitamin E, 12 drops of isocide, and 0.1 g of hyaluronic acid. Apply in the evening on a wipe to clean and refresh your face. It is not necessary to rinse. Shake before use. Do not use on the eye contour.


100% Camelina oil*

* from Organic Farming. 


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Anaé 100 ml

Camelina Oil

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