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KESSA Exfoliating Glove Organic


What's more about the product


Fabric from 100% biodegradable viscose, sourced from sustainable wood.

Origin: Origin: Morocco / Packaging: England


Use to:
• Relieve troubled skin
• Smooth & revitalise
• Remove make-up
• Stop itchiness
• Prevent in-grown hair

Why you'll love it

Discover this exfoliating glove that can be used in a hot bath/shower to slough off dead skin & pore clogging impurities, revealing softer, suppler skin & clearer complexion. 

Natural biodegradable fabric

Softens • Detoxifies • Revitalises
Sourced in Morocco  • Packed in England

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Lauranne V

7 mois avant

Excellent gant exfoliant. Je le recommande sans hésitation, pour peau toute douce !

Lauranne V

7 mois avant

Excellent gant exfoliant - j'adore la matière rigide sans être rêche. Je conseille vivement pour une peau douce et propre !

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