Apple & Cinnamon Energy Bar Organic 40 g

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Agriculture: EU/Non-EU

Traces d’allergènes: Wheat, Nuts


Keep dry and at room temperature

Nutritional Values

 Value for 100g/100mL
Energy (kJ)1580
Energy (kcal)378
Protein (g)9
Carbohydrates (g)70
of which sugars (g)36.8
Fats (g)11
of which saturated (g)1.5
Fiber (g)1
Salt (g)0.28

Why you'll love it

A 100% natural energy bar for strength and balance. These bars are 100% vegan, contain no refined sugars or fructose and are easily digestible.

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Emilia G

6 mois avant

Je mets une étoile bien sûr mais impossible de modifier mon avis précédent.

Emilia G

6 mois avant

Barre beaucoup trop dure, impossible de croquer dedans.

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