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Refill Make-up Remover Squares Eucalyptus Organic 10x

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Composition of the squares: 80% Tencel viscose, 20% Polyester

Origin: Made in France


First of all, do not use your menstrual cup more than 6 hours continuously. Before changing it, clean hands and dry them with a clean towel. To remove it, pinch the bottom of the cup to cancel the suction effect and pull gently. Then, rinse it under the shower or in a sink and sterilize it between each use by boiling it for 10 minutes. To insert it, there are several folding techniques, but the most common is to fold your cup in 4 so in half, then in half again. Then, insert it into the lower part of the vagina and make sure it is open to avoid any leakage.

Why you'll love it

Take a good resolution and adopt the green attitude: No more disposable cottons!

Les Tendances d'Emma thought that disposable cotton that is commercially available no longer has a place in our bathroom. If you want to replace your cotton, it's with washable and reusable cottons. These cottons is an ecological and economic solution!


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