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24 Diapers T4 7 to 18kg
24 Diapers T4 7 to 18kg
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24 Diapers T4 7 to 18kg

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About this product

  • Eco-friendly diapers
  • 50% renewable raw materials
  • Fragrance & chlorine free
  • 12 hours without leaks

The natural and organic diapers of Tidoo are environmentally friendly and combine security for the baby and peace of mind for the parents. They’re guaranteed leak-free, day and night, for 12 hours. The single use diapers are made with a micro-ventilated layer that allows the diaper to breathe and avoids risks of redness, irritation, and rashes on your baby’s bum. Both hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, they offer a soft and gently contact to your baby’s skin. They are made of 50% renewable raw materials thanks to the addition of cellulose, a certified FSC, biodegradable component sourced from sustainably managed forests. The composition guarantees to be free of harmful substances and absolutely free of perfume or chlorine. The diapers are also certified Swan Nordic Ecolabel that supports a limited environmental impact and the absence of toxic substances. The packaging is a bag made of 80% recycled material.


FSC certified TCF paper pulp Sodium polyacrylate granules White breathable plastic film laminated non woven Hydrophilic nonwoven honeycomb Hydrophobic non-woven Synthetic elastomeric yarns (2 per side) Synthetic elastomeric yarns (1 per side) Elastomeric laminated nonwoven film with hooks Laminated plastic film with printed mesh

*Allergens in bold.

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Choose the right diaper size for your baby. Adjust the diaper so that it is not too loose or too tight for your baby's movements. Change the diaper regularly and as soon as it is smeared.


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Tidoo is a French brand, committed to offer reusable and recyclable baby hygiene products, to support the babies' health, but also that of our planet. Since it was founded, Tidoo has chosen to produce locally in France to promote an economic model that respects the environment and is a part of the change. The brand offers qualitative products, designed to perform and last over time, in order to promote a new and responsible way of buying.


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24 Diapers T4 7 to 18kg

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