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46 Hypoallergenic Diapers S4 7 to 14kg

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About this product

  • Ecolabel
  • Practical
  • Hypoallergenic

Love&Green nappies are without chemical ingredients in contact with the skin. In fact, layer in contact with the skin is from 100% natural origin.


The veil and the barriers in contact with the skin are made from vegetal polymers: corn starch, sugar cane, beet or potato.


The cushion is made of FSC® and TCF certified cellulose (bleached without chlorine or derivatives).

The absorbent microbeads are made of 50% natural oils and 50% sodium polyacrylate.


The acquisition veil is made of polypropylene and polyethylene fibers, the cover is made of polyethylene film and the non-woven veil of polypropylene.


The fastening system is made of polypropylene and polyethylene.


The Velcro fastening is made of copolymer elastic film.


The elastics at the crotch are made of elastane and the leakage barriers are in polypropylene. The ink is guaranteed solvent-free.


Finally, the packaging of these 44 layers is made from 51% natural material: sugar cane.

*Allergens in bold.

Origin & certification

Love & Green diapers are designed in France and manufactured in Czech Republic or Spain in factories that use 100% renewable energy.

If your package is made in Spain, it has a pack number starting with an S, if it is made in Czech Republic, it has a lot number starting with an H. This lot number is indicated on each package and on each diaper


Size 4 is adapted to baby between 7 and 14kg


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Member price 15.56 €
19.45 €
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