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Lactose free (ingredients)
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Find on Kazidomi a vast number of tea, infusion to get energy, purify yourself or to relax after a good dinner. From light infusion to intense green tea you will be able to vary all the flavours ! To savour with your beloved sweets snacks.

Here you can find products of the following brands: Aromandise, CHUKWA, Clearspring, D-LAB Nutricosmetics, Dutch Harvest, Fitoform, Four Sigmatic, Guayapi, Herbier de France, IRO, Lebensbaum, Madame La Présidente, Mate Mate, Pukka, Purasana, Teatonic, Terra Etica, Vivo Life, Yogi Tea

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Cruelty-Free, Fair Trade, Gluten free (ingredients), Lactose free (ingredients), Low in Saturated Fats, Low in Sugar, Low salt, Organic, Protein, Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Without Essential Oils

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