Eat better while staying active is possible with Danival's Neo-popote philosophy. That's why Danival has developed delicious, nutritious and well-thought-out recipes that are ultra-practical for your daily routine!

Neo-popote is a new way to eat every day. You have takeaway meals that combine all the qualities: quick to prepare, organic, healthy. In other words, you eat better anytime, anywhere.

A Chef has concocted Danival recipes, so be sure that good taste is guaranteed! Chilis, ketchup, Poki Compote, Miso, purees, ravioli, sauces, dishes, condiments, desserts, each product in the range prove you that organic, convenience, and taste marry perfectly!

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It is at the Moulin d'Andiran, in the heart of the southwest in Lot-et-Garonne that DANIVAL has been passionately dedicated since 1990 to the creation and manufacture of sweet and savoury canned organic products and the production of Japanese products and untreated salt.

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