Quinoa Chocolate Crunchy Muesli Organic 450 g

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Lactose free
Low salt
High in Fiber
French Company


Ingredients: Cereals * 51.8% (whole oatmeal * 28.4%, rice *, whole spelled flakes * 5.4%, spelled * whole), cane sugar *, chocolate chips * 11% (cocoa paste *, cane sugar *, cocoa butter *, vanilla extract *), sunflower oil * (sunflower *, antioxidant: rosemary extract *), grated coconut *, quinoa * 4 , 3%, spelled syrup *, cocoa * lean powder.

Origin: France

Agriculture: EU/Non-EU

Traces d’allergènes: Milk, Nuts, Sesame, Soy


Store in a dry, cool and dark place

Nutritional Values

 Value for 100g/100mL
Energy (kJ)1982
Energy (kcal)473
Protein (g)7.5
Carbohydrates (g)61.8
of which sugars (g)22.8
Fats (g)20.2
of which saturated (g)6.8
Fiber (g)7
Salt (g)0.02

Why you'll love it

Quinoa associated with chocolate, a real delight!

Quinoa associated with chocolate, a real delight!

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Emilie T

3 semaine avant

Un excellent muesli! Le goût est délicieux, avec du lait, du yaourt maigre ou en topping, c’est parfait!

Héloïse D

3 mois avant

Les mueslis Favrichon sont vraiment excellents.
Celui ci ne fait pas exception.

Géraldine P

3 mois avant

Excellent muesli, bien chocolaté.

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