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Three mint tea 20 bags Organic



Ingredients : Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically _x0003_grown ingredients: Peppermint leaf (34%), spearmint leaf (34%) fieldmint leaf (32%). 

Agriculture: EU/Non-EU


Brewing time: 15 minutes. To store in a cool and dry place

Why you'll love it

Cool just sailed in.

Mighty mint, the refreshing hero of the palate. Simply imagine the following three mint combinations – finely-chopped spearmint, fieldmint and peppermint – the cool suddenly becomes more vibrant, the sweetness more supreme. Start your day as fresh as a daisy with our Three mint tea.

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Madeleine S

10 mois avant

Une des meilleures tisanes à la menthe!

Il n'y a pas encore de messages. Et bien alors, qu'est ce que vous attendez pour inaugurer cette jolie page ?

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