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Japanese Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha tea

30 g
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About this product

  • Japanese product
  • Rich in antioxidants

IRO Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea is a high quality Japanese organic Matcha tea. The IRO Matcha powder is certified 100% organic. The tea is made from the finest tea leaves from the first spring harvest in Japan. It is the ideal tea to prepare traditional matcha, i.e. with hot water. Matcha tea and its virtues are ideal to start the day full of energy while having a soothing effect on body and mind. Japanese matcha IRO tea is harvested with great care in a natural environment. It is slowly ground into powder using traditional Japanese stones. This method ensures that the tea retains its many health benefits and its vibrant green colour. Matcha tea has a refined, plant-based flavour with very little bitterness - proof of its superior quality for a Matcha tea. A 30 gram tin of Japanese organic Premium Ceremonial Matcha tea will allow you to prepare about thirty teas. Preparation - Take 2 bamboo Chashaku spoons of Matcha IRO powder - Pass them through the sieve into the bowl. - Add 10 to 15 cl of simmering water at maximum 70-80°C. - Whisk vigorously by making a W movement in the bowl to obtain a nice foam on the surface. - After having obtained a nice foam you can taste directly in the bowl. The virtues of Matcha tea Matcha green tea is considered a super food thanks to its multiple virtues: - Strengthens the immune system - Purification of the organism - Helps concentration and relaxation - Rich in minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc). - Rich in antioxidants, it contains up to 137 times more antioxidants than a conventional tea. Conservation Matcha tea is a delicate product, it is important to keep it inside the tin in a cool and dry place.

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Organic japanese Matcha green tea

*Allergens in bold.

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Mix 2 bamboo Matcha spoons (or 1 level teaspoon) with 10 to 15cl of hot water (max. 70-80°C). To keep its health properties, its beautiful color, keep in its fresh bag well closed in its box in a cool and dry place.


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Member price 24.52 €
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