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About this product

  • Multi-purpose
  • Liniment

Lime water is a solution saturated with calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH), by mixing lime in gaseous form with water.

Lime in gaseous form mixes lightly with water and the mixture obtained is lime water.

It is used as a household remedy for making ointments and hygiene products.

It is also used in laboratories to detect carbon dioxide. It is also widely used in aquariums and for lime cement-based frescoes. 


Composition: Water, Calcium hydroxide

Lime water obtained from common natural materials (limestone and water).

Recyclable PET bottle.

Origin & certification

Made in western Europe


Lime water can be used for different applications.

Here is the recipe to make your own liniment : Mix for 1 minute a dose of lime water with a dose of oil  Then impregnate a disposable or washable cotton with this lotion. Prepare small quantities so that the emulsion holds well and that the oil does not oxidize.

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Member price 4.08 €
4.80 €
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