2. Make it to the marketsEnsuring you have healthy food in the fridge is one of the greatest acts of self-care. Head to your local farmers market for produce and leave the pantry items etc. for a quick supermarket run. Make it an occasion! Take your partner, children or meet a friend for a walk, chat and grocery haul.

3. Food-prepWrite out a list of 3 or 4 meals you want to cook for the next few days to one week. That way you have the ingredients sitting there, you know what you are having each night, and hopefully, you have leftovers for the next day’s lunch. Then, make some staples that support that goal e.g. boil rice or quinoa for curry's or stir-fry's, roast a tray of vegetables to add to meals, make a dressing for salads, or an entire soup for a quick meal. Other staples you might want to keep on hand are a homemade dip, bliss balls or a healthy baked item for nutritious snacks and treats, as well as Bircher muesli and fresh-made almond milk to encourage healthy breakfasts.

4. MovementSome people like to treat Sundays as their rest day, and that's fine too, but that doesn't mean you can't do something to nurture your body in the form of gentle movement. Yin yoga, a slow or moderate-paced walk, a beach stroll, light swim, or deep stretching at home are all great ways to connect with yourself.

5. MeditateThe week gets busy, so making space mentally is very important before you dive head first. Meditation comes in many forms, and you don't need to be a guru or yogi to find solace in it. Simply find a quiet space, close your eyes softly, and focus on your breath. Try counting each inhalation and exhalation, or doing a body scan. There are many apps and/or audio programs you can download for support. Alternatively, journaling is another way to clear your mind and focus inward. Jot down some feelings to lessen the load or devise goals to give your week intention.

6. Create a hygiene scheduleWhether that simply be a good shower and hair-wash, or whether you choose to add a few more steps in, pamper yourself so you are feeling fresh and ready! Some simple indulgences to amp up your beauty routine might be dry-brushing for 10 minutes, exfoliating, using a face mask, oil pulling, teeth whitening, oil massage or painting your nails.

7. Bed by 10pmSleep is so integral to our body, not just our minds. It is required for proper detoxification, hormone function, metabolism and optimal energy levels. Don’t start your week already trying to play catch up! There is no such thing as catch-up sleep. Be in bed at 10pm to start a healthy sleep routine for the week ahead. Studies show that a good sleep regimen is linked to maintaining a healthier weight, eating patterns and stress levels. Do not disregard this key component of a healthy lifestyle.