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Deodorant Balm Le Poudré 50 g


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Natural and effective: shea butter *, corn starch *, sunflower oil *, sodium bicarbonate *, apricot oil *, neroli essential oil, lavender essential oil, essential oil of tree tea, vitamin E

* from Organic Farming


Using advice :


You will apply our deodorant cream with essential oils on your armpits after having taken a very small amount in its pot. If necessary, in case of hot temperatures, you can renew the application in the day: effect ... dry skin guaranteed!


We insist on the small quantity necessary to benefit from all its effectiveness, it will be then, icing on the cake, economic!


Attention, this product is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women, because of the presence of essential oils.

Why you'll love it

Our solid natural deodorant "Le Poudré" needs to be applied to the finger, like a cream, on the armpits. It is composed of vegetable and mineral powders, and the synergies of essential oils used give it effectiveness and touch non-greasy.

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