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6 Washing Balls & 4 Beaters

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About this product

  • Softens
  • Improves cleaning
  • Economical & Durable

Here is the advantage of usine rubber washing balls and beaters, ecological, economical and sustainable solution:

Washing balls and beaters softens your laundry. Thus, you don't need fabric softener product and save 50% of your laundry detergent. They are almost indestructible so you can buy them only once in a lifetime.

Putting balls and beaters in your machine is like putting little hands to take care of the laundry. In the machine, the laundry turns and falls. Balls stir the laundry and beaters pulse the water and detergent through the fibres. So the amount of detergent and clear water passing through the laundry is multiplied by (at least) 3. furthermore, they mechanically remove dirt from the fibres, improving washing performance and makes the laundry cleaner and softer.

By using washing balls, you will also save money. You avoid softener, save 50% of detergent but you can also make shorter cycles and thus reduce your electricity and water consumption and increase your wash machine's lifespan! 


6 Wash balls and 4 beaters in rubber


*Allergens in bold.


Add balls and beaters to your machine

Use half as much detergent and forget about fabric softener

Compatible with all machines

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Member price 25.46 €
29.95 €
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