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Huile Amande Douce
Huile Amande Douce
Huile Amande Douce
Huile Amande Douce
Huile Amande Douce
Huile Amande Douce
Huile Amande Douce
Huile Amande Douce
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Organische Zoete Amandelolie

250 ml
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About this product

  • Soften
  • Protect
  • For sensitive skin

Soft almond is suitable for the sensitive skin of babies. Softens the skin, protects against irritation, cracking...as a treatment next to essential oil it is suitable for skin problems, at the same time or alone.



Sweet almond vegetable oil with its extraordinary soothing and nourishing properties is particularly useful for the care of toddlers, sensitive, irritated or dehydrated skin (in particular thanks to the omega 6 (linoleic acid) and omega 9 (oleic acid) that it contains in large quantities). The fatty acids it contains improve the elasticity of the skin and accelerate cell repair, making it an ideal oil to fight against stretch marks and skin aging.

Relaxing bath oil:
Mix 30 ml of sweet almond vegetable oil, 30 ml of apricot kernel vegetable oil and 30 ml of calendula vegetable oil. Add 20 drops of essential oil of lavender, 10 drops of vitamin E and 10 drops of essential oil of sweet orange. Pour a tablespoon of this synergy under the jet of hot water just before the bath.

Make-up remover biphasic softness:
Mix 70 ml of cornflower hydrolate with 30 ml of aloe vera juice and 20 drops of isocide. Add 25 ml of sweet almond oil and 12 drops of vitamin E. Soak a cotton wipe and remove face and eye makeup. Shake before each use.

Prevention of the stretch marks of the pregnant woman:
Carry out a massage of the belly and the hips with pure sweet almond oil or a mixture 50/50 with vegetable oil of calophylle. Use once or twice a day to prevent stretch marks.


Sweet almond oil nourishes and strengthens dry (and frizzy) hair by preventing dehydration of hair fibers. Its composition is very rich in vitamins and fatty acids, making it a complete hair tonic. It restores shine and tone to your hair, regulates sebum production and fights against the appearance of dandruff.

Toning oil before shampooing:

Pour 50 ml of sweet almond vegetable oil and 50 ml of hemp vegetable oil into a bottle. Add 10 drops of essential oil of rosemary with cineole and 10 drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang. Finally, add 10 drops of vitamin E. Apply to hair and leave on for 30 minutes under a warm towel. Shampoo and rinse.


The sweet almond is perfectly suitable for the sensitive skins of the children. It soothes irritations of the seat, and helps to fight against the cradle caps. It can also be used alone as a massage oil for baby.

Crusts of milk:
Soak a cotton wipe with sweet almond vegetable oil and gently dab the scalp to moisten the cradle cap. Leave on for a few minutes, then gently rub to remove the wet crusts. Repeat the operation morning and evening.

Liniment oleo-calcaire :
Heat a bowl containing 125 ml of sweet almond vegetable oil and 6 g of beeswax in a water bath. Heat another bowl with 115 ml of lime water. As soon as the beeswax has melted into the oil, remove both bowls from the water bath and pour the water phase (lime water) directly into the oil phase. Finally add 20 drops of vitamin E. Let cool. Soak a cotton wipe with a little liniment and clean baby's bottom to soothe irritation and redness. Can be used after each change.


Prunus amygdalus

Virgin vegetable oil of first cold pressure, from organic farming: Certisys-Be control.

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Member price 16.48 €
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