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What are the advantages of Mediterranean Diet ? (part 2)

Health Published on 22/08/2018
What are the advantages of Mediterranean Diet ? (part 2)

Mediterranean diet is an assortment of healthy and fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and grains which are all very nutritious. What are its benefits? We have already explained what the Mediterranean diet is in this article (go look at it, it’s very interesting). Now let’s look at others of its several benefits for physical and mental health !

Prevention of strokes and heart diseases:

The rate of heart diseases is increasing day by day so people want a diet to keep their heart healthy. The Mediterranean diet excludes red meat and high fat containing substances, so it is good for the heart. It also replaces red wine with hard liquor which prevents strokes and ensures a healthier heart. The presence of a lower fat content improves the functioning of the heart making its beating more normal. Use of olive oil regulates blood flow and maintains a healthy circulation rate which improves the health of the heart. The grains in it, unlike in refined bread, promote the health of the heart and do not harm it like processed food.

Helps prevent cancer and tumors:

Mediterranean diet has been very effective in putting off cancer due to cancer-combating nutrients in it. The diet is rich in essential fatty acids and has a well-balanced ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The presence of antioxidants naturally reduces any risk of tumor development so it really is quite helpful. Mediterranean diet is magical when it comes to preventing cancer as almost all of its components work against the disease. The plants and vegetables are rich in probiotics and antioxidants which help against gene mutation, delay tumor formation and kill carcinogens. They also lower oxidative stress and inflammation hence help kill any tumors. These properties make this diet the most helpful weapon against cancer.

Prevention and treatment of Diabetes:

Insulin is the hormone the imbalance of which leads to diabetes type 2 which is increasingly spreading nowadays. Almost every house has a diabetic in it as the dietary patterns are very unhealthy. Insulin not only disturbs sugar level but also helps gain weight and then retains it. This makes losing weight very hard as muscles retain more sugars. Mediterranean diet has the best diet planning for diabetic people. It contains whole foods which improve metabolic conditions and help break body fats more effectively. The foods low in carbs are its essential part which minimizes excessive storage of glucose which ultimately prevents fat accumulation.

This diet is low on drinks other than fresh water and some wine. Sodas are strictly out of the diet which means that there are a lesser sugar consumption and healthier glucose level. A higher level of fibers and lower fat and carbs content also improves blood glucose concentration and its regulation.

Delays and prevents Alzheimer’s disease:

Mediterranean diet ensures a smooth functioning of the body’s systems overall. This diet helps in control of blood pressure, maintenance of blood vessels, improved sugar levels and cholesterol storage. This minimizes the risk of occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease which is very common in the elderly. A healthier diet also enables older people to have a positive approach to aging and health maintenance. This, in the long run, minimizes any chances of dementia and ultimately Alzheimer’s disease.

Lesser risk of Parkinson’s disease:

Oxidative stress and other degenerative problems lead to Parkinson’s disease which is a major motor functioning problem in older adults. The vegetables and fruits are in a greater proportion in Mediterranean diet which are rich natural sources of antioxidants. Seafood has natural cholesterol which helps fight degenerative conditions which lead to such diseases. The scientists working on neuro-degeneration have approved of the Mediterranean diet for preventing Parkinson’s disease.

Considering all these health benefits of a Mediterranean diet it is highly recommended that, you go for it.

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