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What are the advantages of Mediterranean Diet ? (part 1)

Health Well being Published on 15/07/2023
What are the advantages of Mediterranean Diet ? (part 1)

Mediterranean diet is an assortment of healthy and fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and grains which are all very nutritious. What are its benefits? People across the globe have busy lifestyles so they do not pay much attention to the diet that they consume. This blind consumption of food has led to increased health anomalies among people. This has worried people to an extent that they are now willing to make major changes to their dietary habits. Mediterranean diet is the most effective diet nowadays for those who want to establish a healthy lifestyle for their family.

People have some very far-fetched ideas about Mediterranean diet as its mention brings tables laden with food to their minds. In reality, the people of Greece, Crete, and Southern Italy consumed such diet in the 1960s. Yes, it is not lasagna, pasta, pizza and lamb chops cooked deliciously that make up Mediterranean diet. Rather Mediterranean diet is an assortment of healthy and fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and grains which are all very nutritious. It is not only limited to the consumption of food, rather involves exercise and other healthy activities too. A significant aspect of this diet is the sharing of food with others, which makes it a social phenomenon.

We have explained what the Mediterranean diet is, now let’s look at its several benefits for physical and mental health.

Lesser processed food and sugars, healthier body:

Since the Mediterranean diet has no or less room for processed food, so it minimizes many health risks. It has a lack of artificial sweeteners and refined sugars, so it is good for kidneys and liver. Lesser accumulation of artificial sugars on liver and muscles means that they are less prone to damage. This diet has decreased the consumption of heavy meats and promotes intake of light meats. Fish is a particularly significant part of a Mediterranean diet which is rich in beneficial cholesterol and Omega-3 fatty acids. They are great for regulating blood flow and maintain a very appreciable fat content in the body.

Helps in healthy loss of weight:

Losing weight is hard enough when you have to go on the low dietary intake. Starving to maintain the weight is not as easy as it sounds. You have to cut down a lot of things from your diet. Mediterranean diet is an effective and healthy way of losing and maintain weight. You just need to take appropriate meals without having to go hungry for long time durations.

This diet has a relatively low carbon content, energy-dense fats, and high-quality proteins. All of these nutrients combined with Omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics help to lose weight quickly. It goes low on dairy products too which helps in maintaining a healthy stomach having a great metabolism.

Mediterranean diet improves agility:

Older people often complain of a lost agility and restricted movement. This is due to muscle weakness and neural degeneration as the body loses agility retention capability. The Mediterranean diet contains nutrients which help in to strengthen the muscles. They even have the potential of delaying Parkinson’s disease and motor disabilities. It improves the flow and rate of blood in veins and prevents any neurological damage. Experts have proven that this helps in retaining agility by more than 70%.

Mediterranean diet improves cognitive health:

This diet is so healthy and beneficial that it improves mental health too. It promotes neurological health mechanisms. Studies have proven that a Mediterranean diet enhances memory retention and storage capability. This ultimately improves thinking processes and cognitive health. The diet has great potential for sharpening mental functioning, attention, and focus. This also improves language controlling part of the brain which improves your social communication skills.

This diet elevates mood and helps in relaxation:

A balanced diet is a key to a healthier body and mind. Mediterranean diet, so far, has been the best type of diet planning which improves physical and mental health. This ensures a healthy stomach, heart, kidneys and overall bodily and mental functioning. This helps people stay active and relaxed so that they can perform all the functions of their life well.

Considering all these health benefits of a Mediterranean diet it is highly recommended that, you go for it.

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