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Organic and natural cleaning products in our e-shop

Health Beauty Sustainable Well being Published on 22/03/2019
Organic and natural cleaning products in our e-shop

Organic cleaning products are coming! Because organic is not only for food or cosmetic products, Kazidomi is now offering organic cleaning products, for a fully natural house.

Why organic?

Cleaning products are used on a daily basis. Whether it is surface cleansers, dish cleaning products or detergent, they are a big part of our everyday lives. However, these products are not the best for our health. In order for them to be “as effective as possible”, they’re full of chemicals that are bad for both the planet and our health. That’s why we have decided to offer completely organic cleaning products. They are as effective for cleaning as chemical (and toxic) products, but they are harmless.

What do we offer?

We have a large range of organic products for your daily lives so you can be as healthy as possible. In addition to regular cleaning products such as multi-surface cleaners, detergents, dish soap and dishwasher tablets, we also offer textiles like washcloths. And we also offer everything you need to make your own cleaning products!

No more excuses to not use natural products daily when you can find anything you need on Kazidomi!

Who are we? Who are we?

Kazidomi is an e-commerce offering more than 4000 healthy products at low prices


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