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Every day, children consume a surplus of sugar amounting to about 8 sugar cubes

Health About Published on 08/03/2019
Every day, children consume a surplus of sugar amounting to about 8 sugar cubes

Nowadays, sugar is everywhere. How can we educate our kids to reduce their consumption ? Here are some alternatives to reduce sugar. Cakes, chocolate, sauces or sodas, where do we start? These foods have become staples in our diets and unfortunately it has been transmitted to our children. As mentioned in the title, children eat too much sugar and it is time to do something about it. You will find 4 alternatives to sugary foods in this article, that you can give to your little ones!

Replace sodas

Sodas are very high in sugar! For example, a 250ml glass of Coke contains up to 27 grams of sugars, that is 7 sugar cubes. Luckily, there are alternatives as appealing as soda and a little more exciting that a glass of water. Cawston Press offers refreshing carbonated drinks with no added sugar such as apple juice, a rhubarb-apple drink and an apple-ginger drink. You should try them out as soon as possible!

Switch up your children’s snacks

Sugary snacks such as chocolate bars, candy and chocolate are full of added sugar that does not belong there. That is why Kazidomi offers substitutes. The Beginnings offers low sugar cookies such as gooseberry cookies or apple cookies. Perfect to keep you full until dinner.

Limit your consumption of sauces

Ketchup, Andalouse sauce or Mayo? All these sauces come with large amounts of useless sugar. That is why you should change your eating habits and not let your children abuse them. To replace these condiments, choose healthier sauces which are as tasty; such as a tomato basil sauce or a black olives cream diluted with cooking cream.

STOP to pre-made meals, the ultimate junk food

Frozen pizza, sweet and sour chicken in a pre-made container? Very appealing on the picture on the box and so easy to make for lazy teenagers who don’t want to cook. Unfortunately, these meals are full of sugars to ensure longer preservation. You should choose fresh homemade meals. Also, when you can, stock up on homecooked meals by your mom or dad that you can freeze for when you know nobody will be there to cook.

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