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Bouga Cacao, the best fairtrade and healthy dark chocolate

Food Published on 01/11/2017
Bouga Cacao, the best fairtrade and healthy dark chocolate

Bouga CacaO is a small artisan chocolate company in the French Pyrenees. BOUGA CACAO


They work exclusively with dark organic fair-trade chocolate; the entire production is vegan, lactose and gluten free. They only use unrefined raw cane sugar for their chocolates and do not add any additional fat or lecithin.


The company cooperates directly with cocoa producers in Ecuador and gives direct support to them and their organisations in terms of quality management, post harvest treatment etc. Bouga CacaO is particularly involved in a community development and environmental protection project that aims at the protection of primary forests while at the same time providing livelihood for the cocoa producers.

Bouga Cacao wants to contribute to sustainable development via the transformation of cocoa beans into intermediate products in the country of origen.


The product range includes three plain chocolate bars with 75%, 85% and 100% cocoa content respectively. The 100% sugar-free bar is particularly surprising due to its mildness and the dazzling array of different flavours it develops.

The 75% chocolate is the basis for 9 different and original flavours of garnished bars.

  • 75% - sea salt
  • 75% - confected ginger
  • 75% - thyme, rose pepper, barberries
  • 75% - coffee beans, cinnamon, coriander
  • 75% - dried figs
  • 75% - roasted pumpkin seeds, aniseed
  • 75% - orange peel, hibiscus flowers
  • 75% - cacao nibs, mint
  • 75% - chilli

All bars are produced without any animal products (vegan) and are lactose and gluten free.

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