6 tricks to reduce your caffeine intake

1. Water it down:

Consume less coffee by watering it down or adding in ice. This decreases the amount of caffeine you are consuming but the volume stays the same.

2. Swap a cup for another cup:

Instead of relying on java to kick-start your day try these other alternatives: Turmeric lattes, Teeccino herbal coffee or herbal tea

3. Workout:

The runner’s high is indeed a thing, exercising regularly increases blood circulation and gets the endorphins going. If you can’t seem to find the time to go for a run just do some jumping jacks for a few minutes when you are feeling tired.

4. Get more sleep:

If you feel that coffee is the only thing that will keep you awake, think again. Having a good sleep regime and getting to bed at a decent hour will definitely improve your energy levels.

5. Healthy diet:

If you have a balanced diet that is full of whole foods including fruits, vegetables and whole grains you will feel more energized and will be less likely to feel the need to fuel with coffee.

6. Make a goal and stick to it:

Cutting out coffee cold turkey can be hard. Set yourself a goal instead, cut out one coffee a day, no caffeine after 3pm, etc.