With Probios, you have the best of Italian organic products in your kitchen. The Probios brand is committed to offering products to make organic a real way of life. From its beginnings until now, Probios has taken up the challenge to become a reference with its wide range of certified organic products.

Organic and healthy go hand in hand at Probios. Concretely, the brand has set up a whole range of gluten-free products. Also, for the lactose-free products, Probios has called on partners who remove all traces of the dairy element in the production process. Note that Probios products are suitable for vegans because they exclude elements of animal origin in their composition.

Jams, spirelli, lasagna leaves, all meet these requirements. Choosing Probios products means choosing delicious and healthy Italian products that are just like you!  

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Probios was founded with the conviction that selling organic products is not only a reason for doing business, but also promotes behaviour that contributes to improving our world. In fact, buying this type of products means choosing companies that demand careful selection of the growing methods. 

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