Make Up


  • Lipstick
    To have a devastating smile it is still essential to know how to highlight your lips. Come and discover the beauty products carefully selected by Kazidomi's team to put your beautiful smile forward!
  • Accessories
    In this category you will find the accessories essential to the realization of your glamorous or natural make-up of the day. Brushes for eyes, complexion, lips,.... In this category we offer responsible and environmentally friendly brands!
  • Nail

    Orange, green, grey, navy... Painting your nails gives a feminine touch to your nails, especially for those who don't wear make-up. Come and discover the nail polish colours available on the Kazidomi website!

  • Make up Remover
    At the end of the day, apply a little make-up remover on a cotton pad (preferably reusable) and the make-up will quickly and gently disappear. All you have to do now is rinse and moisturize your skin and you can go to sleep. Kazidomi has selected healthy products that respect your skin and do not harm it.
  • Foundation
    Getting a perfect complexion is not always easy. Above all, you must have products that suit you and respect your delicate skin. To satisfy your desires, Kazidomi has made a selection of natural and healthy cosmetic products. Come and find your new favorite product!
  • Eye
    Do you dream of having sexy smokey eyes and making men succumb at a glance? Come and discover our selection of eye products. Whatever the colour of your eyes you will find the perfect look. Pencil, eye shadow, mascara,... We are sure you will find your happiness on Kazidomi!
Do you have an event or do you simply want to look beautiful, without damaging your skin on a daily basis? Kazidomi offers you organic and natural make-up to look beautiful naturally and safely! Quickly discover our selection. Foundation, illuminator, lipstick and many other cosmetic products are to be discovered in this category.

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