With Weleda, say goodbye to cosmetics full of synthetic elements, aggressive to the skin, and harmful to the environment. Manufacturers do so because most of the time, efficiency prevails over naturalness.

These chemical elements can cause allergies, irritations, hives, dermatitis,  more or less pronounced dehydration. Weleda guarantees articles that ensure your well-being without the inconvenience of the usual cosmetics.

With Weleda, you have a wide range of natural, organic cosmetics and beauty products on hand that are just as effective as traditional products - and even more so! These principles are the foundation of each item: face care, body care, baby care, health, and wellness products. 

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To offer an alternative to cosmetics with chemical elements is the vision of the Weleda brand. Actually, allergenic, pathogenic, and hazardous side effects bring discredit on a large proportion of cosmetics and wellness articles.

Weleda is not just a brand, it's a story. Since its foundation in the 1920s, Weleda has always based its existence on respect for nature. The preservation of biodiversity and soil, the careful use of environmental resources, and the transfer of the benefits received from nature to human beings reflect this approach.

Weleda also stands for values dear to the friends of natureFirst, every item is certified organicSecond, the brand made no compromises about the quality of the products. Third, through each article, establishing a win-win relationship between man and nature.

each Weleda product is a blend of expertise, commitment, and passion, just for you. Botanical experts, doctors, pharmacists, scientists have contributed to the creation of medicines and homeopathic preparations that meet your needs.

In short, Weleda is a nature-friendly and human-friendly brand. With this in mind, the brand has designed cosmetic care, homeopathic treatments, phytotherapy. Your well-being, your health, and beauty products, you will find them at Weleda!

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