Common sense is not always part of consumer habits. Eating, yes, but what to eat? In what proportions? These questions, legitimate though they may be, have not always made inroads in the food industry.

All these leads to the birth of Quintesens. Quintesens wants to be the brand that offers a balanced, natural dietIn all its products, Quintesens emphasizes the dietetic, organic side without forgetting the taste of its products.

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Today, we consume mechanically without thinking about what we ingest. Our cuisine has only one goal now: satiety. It is hardly a question of quality or nutrition. These findings led to an awareness of a former executive in the agri-food industry. And from there, Quintesens was born.

Quintesens is committed on several fronts, always having in mind the best for consumers. Good health is based on a balanced diet. Quintesens products have been developed to provide the right nutrients and the right amount of them.

Besides the health benefits , Quintesens also takes the organic and natural aspect to heart in the design of its articles. According to Quintesens, organic means: ingredients from organic farming, eco-friendly packaging, cold-extracted oils. These good practices ultimately contribute to saving natural resources and renewing ecosystems.

Moreover, taste and quality are not forgotten. This is because we have nutritionists, a chef in the team to develop the products. These recognized experts bring their personal touch and know-how to the service of consumers.

And obviously all these qualities are found in the Quintesens product range: organic oils, dressings, ketchup, olive oils... With Quintesens, you have a balanced, healthy, organic and tasty product!

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